Our team have designed and created some perfect solutions for any of YOU, who wants to explore digital experiences for your company, or YOU who wants to learn or discover new ways to train people, faster and easier than ever before.

Imagine new opportunities for you and your team thanks to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or both (Mixed Reality). Save time and money : you don’t even need to go in a training center to learn. Training and Learning is coming to you ! And you’ll appreciate it because it is not as disruptive as a day of training (or even an hour or two of eLearning).

The budget friendly solution to get immediate results for you or your students or collaborators. Developp new skills and knowledge in just 3 or 6 minuts. Swipe cards, access to the content on your phone wherever you are. Try it and you’ll see it’s easier to achieve success from a short learning intervention.

Why do we developp bots for learning or as a training solution? Surely because adaptive learning represents an opportunity for the whole world. Just imagine « René-Pierre » teaching you wine tasting technics or « Celine » challenging you each week about time-saving solutions. Hit “help me reply” and they’ll come up with suggestions.

You’ll not find any catalog of trainings, services or courses there. Just ask us for and we’ll get back to you with some questions to understand YOUR needed regarding digital solutions or digital trainings. And if you really wand (need) a catalog, come and visit us to see what we’ve done for our clients 🙂

We create bots (like chatbots) to source, share and learn as fast as you’ll learn of them. Just ask them some questions about your job, company or anything you’d like to learn, and the bot will send you the best answer you’ve waited for. We’ve also recently introduced Artificial Intelligence to get a machine learning tools for you 🙂

We design, create, prototype and develop VR solutions to train you, your teams or clients!

After years of research, tests and love for all immersive imagery systems, we use a specific and home-made workflow to create YOUR immersive experience to learn anything you’ve dreamed for. Imagine a whole new training session like that: « safety at work for your collaborators » or « HR process to get the best of your team ».

Come and visit us for a demo, or simply ask us to analyse your environment and to create some VR apps, contents or solutions.

L.I. — Philip L.

We even have a facebook spaces, phone number, dedicated slack channel, skype ID, and many others ways to contact us…

We dreamed of Seekoya 10 years ago… We’ve visualized, tested and developed it to be YOUR PERSONALIZED training & learning solution
that you and your collaborators will enjoy!

We’re based in Lyon & Paris (France)

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