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What We Do

We create 360° content, scenarios & mobile apps for training sessions and E-Learning. Want to learn how to make your own 360° content?

We can train you for that :) And if you want to become a VR Ninja … we can train you up :) or even give you a job :p

Immersive Training (VR)

We create immersive training sessions in virtual reality. A new impactful way to train your team to make them more efficient and productive.

Tech & Digital for Training

We're working with Digital solutions, hardware and software, like Leap Motion, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, Myo Armband, web & mobile apps, and other technologies & products to train you or make your training more innovative.

Training for Health & Phobia

Looking to overcome a phobia or to train / reeducate patients? We've got a solution for you.


Coming soon on the
App Store & Google Play store

Seek the app for iOs & Android


Each project is unique, with you we'll co-create the scenario and each of the interactions to integrate, such as MCQ, photos, videos, sounds and users actions!


We use Digital Solutions like immersive photos and videos (Virtual Reality), IOT (connected solutions & objects), bots (Artificial Intelligence), E-Learning, SAAS solutions...


We create your training experience for desktop, tablets and smartphones. And it all works seamlessly with virtual reality headsets, IOT, Apps, ...

Stats & Analysis

Monitor your progress, analyze results, plan and control training scenarios for your teams... Your progress can be tracked in a playful, interactive and immersive way.

OverFear® Program

What if you could get over your phobia?

Accompanied and advised by doctors, psychologists and coaches, we've created a dedicated and personalized program to help manage the apprehension and fears of phobias and stressful situations.

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"At SEEKOYA, we love what we do: learning! We learn everyday thanks to our clients and collaborators. We want to provide you with the best immersive learning experience possible."

Matt, CEO

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